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There are two kinds of work. One is Work in the System. Which is necessary, of course, but insufficient, by itself, to sustain organizations in an ever-changing world. To make organizations fit for the present and the future, we must also Work the System: We must, in other words, flip organizational systems, or models, intentionally and continuously. Which includes the Here and Now. Red42 and Work the System are about creating a better world by supporting systemic change, and by enabling "the Necessary Organizational Renaissance". With our approaches, you will get "Working the System" right!


Work the System is made up of the powerful approaches (or "social technologies") developed by Red42. These include Relative Targets, Cell Structure Design and OpenSpace Beta. The three approaches are free-to-use – and they scale naturally. They work for all organizations of 25 people or more (60 or more, in the case of OpenSpace Beta). 

Everything you need to Work the System – from Red42

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OpenSpace Beta: The 1st Work the System book

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"Organizational transformation is difficult," they say. "It is hard." "It takes a long, long time - and maybe it will never happen!" No more! Profound organizational transformation just got a lot less complicated! This book is for anyone who is interested in creating rapid and lasting Beta transformation

It is for company executives, directors, managers, team leaders, and the consultants and coaches who serve them. This is the practical guide to making the Beta organization happen - in just a couple of months. Sounds impossible? It isn't anymore! This handbook spells out an all-hands, high-engagement approach to organizational transformation that is suitable for any kind of company - regardless of size, age, country/culture, legal form and industry! Seemingly obvious and yet groundbreaking, this is the way to make the Beta organization happen. Anywhere. Fast.

This stuff is still new to most. But that's not the point

The Work the System approaches are quite new. Take OpenSpace Beta. It was created by Red42 in 2018. So it is pretty new. At the same time, however, it has long roots, and it has been been tried and tested for many years. This is possible thanks to two factors. First, it is due to the ample practical & consulting experience that Silke and Niels bring to the table - and which went into the OpenSpace Beta approach. Silke and Niels command the greatest experience available in the market, with regards to Beta, and Beyond Budgeting transformation work: They have been doing it for more than 10 and 15 years, respectively. But the robustness of OpenSpace Beta is also possible because it was derived from the proven and tested Prime/OS framework, an open source social technology developed by Daniel Mezick, "agile maverick" and creator of OpenSpace Agility. But what is best about it all: OpenSpace Beta itself is an open source social technology, too. Which means it is free-to-use, and you can create your own innovations based upon it, if you like.

Why work with Silke and Niels?

Work your system - with people who get it and approaches that fit

You do not get to self-organization through method that relies on imposition. If you want to create a truly great, and truly high-performing organization, there is no way around Beta, or disciplined self-organization. To get to Beta, in turn, you need approaches to structures, leadership, learning, performance, change and transformation that are Beta (self-organized! engaging!) in itself, too. Not frameworks, not blueprints and plans. Not armies of consultants, but with surprisingly little external support.

All the products & services you need to work the system

If you want to get going with working the system, then Silke and Niels are the logical starting-place. From introductory sessions about the approaches, to accompanying your OpenSpace Beta "chapter", Cell Structure Design work or Relative Targets adaptation - Red42 offers everything that you need to get going. Red42 also provides qualification courses and certifications in the three core approaches to Work the System. You can also buy related products in our shop.

making Beta happen since 2003.  Improving constantly

Silke and Niels have helped their clients to Work the System,, since 2009. But that wasn´t even the start: At the time, Niels had been doing work on Beyond Budgeting and Beta projects for six years, already. The combined experience of Silke and Niels led them to some somewhat counter-intuitive conclusions. Like this one: That to bring about Beta organizations, you do not need more consultants, but less. Ideally, none at all. This insight is deeply embedded in all Work the System approaches.

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