An invitation by Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging

Hi, we are Silke and Niels. We are the creators of Work the System and the three powerful approaches that are.part of it. We have always believed that, in organizational development as in Learning & Development (L&D), there is way too much hype – and way too little actual innovation! We are dedicated to changing that. With Red42, our company founded in 2018, we are creating ways toward renewing, indeed reinventing organizational development on the fringe with L&D. All that with advocacy for democracy and pluralistic societies in mind.


Together, we are the authors of the OpenSpace Beta handbook, the business book bestseller Complexitools, the Cell Structure Design book (both forthcoming in English in 2021) and the work/life organizerThe Uncomplicated Year (2016). We are the creators of practical theory such as  OrgPhysics and Change-as-Flipping - to name just two of our most influential concepts, and thinking tools. As entrepreneurs, influencers, advisors and speakers, we built reputations for ourselves as progressive business thinkers and innovators, especially in the German-speaking countries.


Beta, or the Beta organization, is at the heart of everything we do. We are part of the BetaCodex Network - the international, open source movement that promotes the contemporary organizational mindset called Beta, or the BetaCodex. Make it your own!

We all stand on the shoulders of giants

Working the System is new, but it is full of tradition. Whenever you innovate, or create something new, that innovation is rooted in the work of other researchers, creators, thinkers and practitioners.  That applies to the individual approaches that make up Work the System, too. Not only do we cherish and appreciate the work of many others in our field. We would also like to name some of them.
Such as (but not exclusively):

Some of their books and those of others can be found on the Books to Read list on the BetaCodex website.

About Red42

With Red42, our commitment is with working the system. Not with providing stuff like conventional consulting, or training. If you wish to learn more about Red42 and about our other, paradigm-breaking services, which will be revealed and launched over time, visit the Red42 website


You can reach us personally at and

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