The Relative Targets concept overview

Relative Targets is a new social technology, developed by Niels Pflaeging of Red42, and published in February 2021. We are in the process of publishing this social technology in several ways.
On this page, you will find:
  • The 1st concept overview to the Relative Targets social technology (below). This visual will likely be further modified and updated, over the course of the next couple of weeks. You are free to use and share the concept overview!
  • A list of learning opportunities with regards to Relative Targets.
  • The open source license to Relative Targets. Scroll down to take a look!

Relative Targets concept overview, version 2021B

Learn about Relative Targets

To learn more about Relative Targets, we recommend the following:
The Relative Targets practice book is going to be published in German language first, in May 2021. You can pre-order it with online resellers such as The book will be followed up by a learning box. 

To get your team or your company acquainted with Relative Targets, visit or book one of our hands-on, 2-day workshops.

Relative Targets: The open source license

Relative Targets and BetaCodex©  are freely available, open-source social technologies: You are free to derive from Relative Targets and create innovative, new works yourself, and share your innovations with others, and also commercialize them.


Relative Targets, as outlined in our publications and as described through the concept overview, as well as related events, principles, roles, workshop formats, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. This license is an open source license: Under this license, you are strongly encouraged to innovate by freely developing applications based upon Relative Targets.

Open source license Attribution ShareAlike – “CC-BY-SA”

This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon Relative Targets, even for commercial reasons. 

In so doing, you agree to:

  • credit the original author, Niels Pflaeging,
  • and provide our specified link to the source material, as listed below,
  • and license your derivative creations to others under the identical terms.

Specifically, you must provide and prominently display the following link with any and all derived works, and included as part of all related graphics you develop:

“This work is derived from Relative Targets, an open source, free social technology by Niels Pflaeging, published under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license from Creative Commons, and found here:"

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