Work the System services by Red42

Besides our publications, courses & qualifications, Red42 also offers all the services than an individual organization needs, regardless of size, to get going with Beta, and with working the system!

Introductions to the Cell structure Design, Relative Targets and OpenSpace Beta approaches

Get acquainted with the Work the System approaches through our events and workshops. Understand the potential of Beta organizations and the preconditions for Beta transformation. Think through the Work the System approaches – conceptually, and personally. And maybe end the session with opting in!

Concept workshops - in wiesbaden or in-house

You already know, or have a feeling, that decentralization and coherent self-organization are the right thing for you and for your organization. Sketch out options and specific activities for getting started. Reflect upon roles and preconditions for working the system. And, ideally, end the session with opting in! For our concept sessions with you, be prepared to be suprised.

Get unstuck. Get prepared. Get discourse!

Sometimes it takes a single great conversation to get unstuck, and to move on with new focus and revived spirit. Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging are both advisors with abundant conceptual insight, a high level of mastery and decade-long experience. Now there is an easy way for you to access their expertise and get their advice. Or just make use of a great opportunity for reflection. You can book your Get Unstuck session with Silke or Niels through the Red42 shop.

OpenSpace Beta - the full service package

You are convinced that working the system is the way to go. Clarify your questions with us and get started with setting the stage for full-fledged organizational transformation! We support you in getting ready, and help you to get going, making sure everyone gets the opportunity to opt in, on their own terms.